6 reasons why vaccination is a must for children

Being a new parent is hard, especially when it comes to decisions about your child’s health. Every parent knows about the struggles of choosing the best car seats, safety equipment, and child day care. The best way to protect your child is to give your baby all their necessary vaccinations. While many parents are following the recommended routine of vaccinations, some are against it. 

Here are six reasons why vaccination is a must for children. 

Vaccinations will save a child’s life 

With the latest innovations in medical technology and science, your child will have more protection against numerous diseases than ever to date. The diseases that once killed so many children have now been eliminated or are nearly close to defeat – mainly because of safe and effective vaccinations. 

Decades ago, polio was America’s most-feared disease. Today, there are no reports of polio in the entire United States. 

Vaccinations are safe and effective 

Only safe and approved vaccinations are given to children after a long study by doctors, scientists and health care professionals. Vaccines will involve discomfort as they may also cause pain, tenderness and redness at the area of injection. This pain is minimal when compared to the discomfort of diseases the vaccines are meant to prevent. 

Most children can be safely vaccinated. However, there are some exceptions in children with allergies. The serious side effects from vaccination are extremely rare such as severe allergic reactions. Children with weak immune systems due to a medical treatment or illness may not be able to receive vaccines safely. 

There are still serious diseases out there 

Vaccines can help reduce and eliminate the spread of diseases we have today. As a result, young parents have never seen the effects of a serious illness like the measles, polio or whooping cough and how it can affect the family and community. When the U.S. is taking preventative measures to reduce the spread of disease, there are still cases of these diseases. 

As measles is not common in America due to vaccination, it is still common in many other parts of the world. The disease is carried through unvaccinated travellers who were infected while staying abroad. 

In fact, when the rates of vaccinations drop in the community, it is more likely to have an outbreak. While you may have never seen a case of measles or polio before, they do still occur in other parts of the world. All it takes is a plane trip for these diseases to spread. 

Children need early protection 

Currently, the United States has the safest and most effective supply of vaccine in history. Before any vaccine is approved and distributed to children, it is extensively tested with medical professionals and scientists to evaluate the information about the vaccination and determine its safety. 

The U.S. childhood immunisation schedule is based on the recommended of Advisory Committee and Immunization Practices – a group of public health and medical experts in the country. The program is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Pediatrics. It is designed to protect both infants and children during their early stages in life when their bodies are most vulnerable. 

By not receiving the full schedule of vaccinations, children are left susceptible to catching serious diseases. Be sure to check with your child’s paediatric doctor to see what vaccines they need. You can also use online sources to enter your child’s current record and see if any doses were missed or skipped. 

Vaccinations protects not only your child but others around them 

Not only will getting your child vaccinated to protect your baby but also others around them. When a classmate or neighbour is not able to get certain vaccines, it helps to prevent the spread of disease and will slow down or even stop an outbreak. Choosing to protect your child with vaccines will also contribute to protecting family and friends too. 

Vaccinations will protect future generations 

Vaccines have helped to reduce and eliminate diseases that have killed people decades ago. Take smallpox for example. Thanks to the smallpox vaccination, children will not be at risk of getting smallpox as the disease no longer exists. Vaccinations will help children stay protected throughout their life and prevent congenital disabilities that are caused by viruses that are no longer seen in America. Continuing to vaccinate children now will help to avoid and stop diseases in the future. 

Have you gotten your child vaccinated? What are your thoughts about vaccination in children? Comment below and tell us what you think! 

Infographic by: UNICEF